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Okay, so this boat, more than any new 40′, is making some moves and they seem to be the right ones. If one was looking to run a full on 40′ program, wouldn’t this be the direction one would go? Check what they have going on…

The Soto 40 is heading to Asia in a big way. Starting off in South America, spreading to Europe
through the MedCup and now making waves in Asia. The Asia Cup has just been announced which
puts ten Soto 40s on the startline in January 2012.

The Asia Cup Grand Prix Circuit was launched in Phuket, Thailand on Friday in the middle of the
region’s premier regatta, The King’s Cup.
Acting Chairman for the Asia Cup, John Vause, reckons the region was ready for a grand prix circuit
along the lines of the MedCup.

“We have some of the most spectacular sailing locations in the world and a mature sailing
community made up of expats and locals. There’s some great regattas in the region but nothing
where teams get together in a serious one design yacht to battle it out. When I went to a
presentation about the Soto 40 I knew this was the perfect boat for the job”.
The format of the Asia Cup gives teams the chance to sail in five exclusive grand prix Circuit
regattas each year as well as other racing at some of the region’s existing sailing events. This will
provide the wider Soto 40 Asian fleet the chance to race with the Circuit fleet throughout the year. The ten Circuit yachts will be moved around the region in a chartered ship, complete with storage
containers, cranes and spares with staff to manage and maintain the yachts.

“The one thing we kept on hearing from owners in the region was the difficulty of covering the
huge distances around the region getting from one regatta to the next. So we solved that problem
in the early days of the project. The Audi MedCup has also provided an excellent framework for a
successful Circuit and both events will be racing the Soto 40. They’ve shown us how a successful
regatta should be run”, said John.

The ten yachts for the Asia Cup Circuit will be constructed during 2011 with the first series set for
January 2012, probably in Langkawi, Malaysia. “Vietnam, Phuket, Subic, Boracay and Kota Kinabalu are all being looked at for Circuit events. We’ll
announce the final locations once we’ve sat down with the sponsors and racing teams. Four of the
ten charters have already been taken up and we’ve had a lot of interest from teams in Australia and
China as well.” If any racing teams are interested in getting involved in the Asia Cup Grand Prix Circuit they should
log onto www.longitudeyachts.com for more info. And take a look at this.