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artistic license

We find it pretty ironic that only now, as the fat lady sings over the demise of the IACC and the ‘conventional’ America’s Cup, do we finally see some creativity in the way that top level match racing is presented to the world. Since ElliCoutts took his stand earlier this year, explicitly tying the success of Cup racing to the ability of producers to present it to the public, videographers and directors are actually doing a good job of showing off some of the more unique parts of this kind of racing.  We hoped to see the Volvo media crews do something like this the last time ‘round, but Rick Dieppe’s participation meant that every one of them competed to win the “make it look like Deadliest Catch” award with their vids.  But with some of the MedCup and now LVT Dubai videos hitting the web, we can now say with confidence that the new breed of shooter/editor has hit the mainstream of sailing (<cough> where SA producers like Petey Crawford and a few others have been for close to a decade…)

We wonder why it’s taken so long, but it’s pretty likely that the typical media worker’s reticence to take risks that could impact a steady paycheck is to blame; with so much uncertainty around the 34th Cup, what do they have to lose by getting a bit artsy? 

Leading the way is indy shooter Keith Brash, who edited not one but two up-the-mast videos into fun pieces.  You can check this one from Olivier Douillard’s headcam on All4One during the fleet racing, or click below for our favorite video of the week – the ‘T-Cam’ of ETNZ bow Tyson Lamond. Low bandwidth version here.  If you see truly unique videos from the world of sailboat racing (and we hope this is just the beginning), make sure to let us know about it!