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special delivery

Without this chick’s organizational and logistical brilliance, Roland Jourdain might not have won the Route Du Rhum.  Without her motivational and communications ability, husband Ryan would probably not be about to start the Barcelona World Race in his Open 60.  And as you can see by the pic, she digs sailing fast boats plenty, and my lord, how we love pigtails…

Women may only make up something like 9% of the racing population, but maybe that just weeds out the ones that aren’t up to the task.  The ones that make it are usually self-sufficient, resourceful and tough chicks like our Sailor Chick of the Week Nicola Breymaier, and some of the best parts of this lifelong sport.  Thank heaven for them.  Here’s a Sunday morning report from Nicola on their delivery to Barcelona (see ‘jungle’ below for more from hubby Ryan).

Sorry for the lack of clarity guys, but it might have something to do with us going upwind in 30 gusting to 36 as we pass through the Straits of Gibraltar!  It’s been awesome so far, leaving France with ice and snow on deck, one night of fast and cold reaching and another night with the kite up doing 20+, and then the past 24 hours on the nose.  We’ve been promised kite weather once we get through the Straits.  Thanks for the SA shirt – it’s kept me warm and Anarchy is in just the right spot.  Can’t wait to see you in Barcelona – with bells on!

All the best,