not cali

not cali

Loved your pictures of The Californian sailing out of sunny San Diego (see december in cali -ed).

Things are very similar here in the North of England..
Apart from the classic boat.
And the sunshine.
And it being the sea.

But we still have plenty of people keen to get out. There’s a winter series here on Windermere that runs non stop until Easter. It may be a ragtag feet of sports boats and other keelboats that gather each autumn on a cold, cold lake with fickle winds, but 150 sailors think it’s fun. It also makes a huge

I thought it might be helpful to pass on a top sailing tip in case you get a cold snap down your way: It takes more than a pound of table salt and lots of scrubbing to clear the ice from the decks of even a 22 footer. So buy lots and be prepared.

(Obviously sea sailors can throw sea water over the decks but on a lake that just increases the amount of ice you have to clear!)

Happy Sailing