off to the jungle

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off to the jungle

Annapolis-born pro rigger Ryan Breymaier’s childhood nickname was Tarzan, as much for his willingness to climb up just about any vertical surface as for a mop of unruly hair that always seems to be straight out of the jungle.  But now he’s off to a different jungle – the wild and unpredictable Southern Ocean – on the non-stop, doublehanded, round-the-world voyage that is the Barcelona World Race.

Ryan has quietly made his way to France for the past few years as the only American working in the IMOCA circuit, and the fact that this confident and cynical (some would say ‘arrogant’) 30-something has broken into the tight scene as the rigger for back-to-back Route Du Rhum-winning skipper Roland Jourdain is nothing short of incredible.  So we’re intrigued, and we’ve spent a lot of time talking to Ryan (and his stunning better half and publicist Nicola) to get to know this newest hope for shorthanded American racing to hit the big time of the IMOCA circuit.  You can check out our earlier interview with Ryan and co-skipper Boris Herrmann during this broadcast we did from the Route Du Rhum, or just listen to the below 24 minute audio interview with Ryan from just hours before he set out to deliver Neutrogena (ex-Sill et Veolia) to Barcelona in -4 degree weather and into the teeth of a massive winter low on Wednesday.  For those who prefer to watch on Justin.TV, here’s the link.

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