one manÂ’s trash

one man’s trash

A group of quick-thinking College of Charleston students and SCUBA divers took time out from typical spring break activities to salvage a 50-foot sloop that ran aground in the Bahamas last week, after the owners jumped into their liferaft and abandoned ship.  Apparently, they were towed to the beach by helpful Bahamians, while the Charleston divers (who are sailors too), worked to get lines around the boat and power her off the reef with their dive boat.

The students have already lawyered up and expect to get at least some portion of the value of the boat under salvage law rules. It’s certainly rare to come back from Spring Break with anything besides debt or an STD…good on the kids.

Check out a slideshow of their salvage here, and the thread is here. Thanks to Keysrocks35 for the tip.