forty little children

forty little children

Saving Sailing author Nick Hayes weighs in on the Optimist arms race debate with this gem, applicable to far, far more:

Forty little children
all in a row
doing what daddy didn’t
but look dear
what a show!

Twenty kids in team shirts
awesomely prepared
half go for the fauxhawk
the rest get Bieber hair.

Twelve ready tweeners
hit the line on time
starboard looks favored
but port!, dad yells, is fine.

Six near grownup ducklings
quack, quack, quack
saying, "take to the air, sis,

Gram and Grandpa wonder
where did they go?
our kids? and theirs,
the ones like ducks
who lived to be the show?

The bay need not be empty
It’s fun from spring to fall
But to share it
really share it
We need not some, but all.