too much opti-mization?

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too much opti-mization?

Gouvernail wrote something to get you thinking…

While the forums were down on Thanksgiving day I made a rare visit to the front page. Right there at the top of the page was an ad that screamed: Buy your kid a toy that takes all the other kids out of contention!!

No I am not kidding. The ad made it clear that somebody is now building Optimist Dinghies that go faster than all the other Optis. And.. those Optis cost more than one would cost if it were built out of a few hunks of plywood by some daddies in their available garage.

Yes. Optis are currently quite popular compared to not having any at all. Opti population viewed as a percentage of children who actually do get one is still so miniscule the math isn’t worth mentioning.

My point is the Optimist Pram was conceived as a toy any dad with reasonable skills could afford to and know how to build for his child.
The finished boat , if done according to the plans, would be world class competitive as all the others were supposed to be just the same.

I sailed one of those Optimists from 1958 until 1964 and I know how much fun I had and how much I learned. The original Opti got ME into sailing at age five!!!! and…I have not left and couldn’t if I tried.

The Opti was simply the new rendition and also able to be built by dad. The original boat was a sort of a slug and the improvements made Optis much more fun but as any graduate of the original Optimist fleets can tell you, "It is more fun to sail in a fleet of bathtubs with masts stuck in the drain holes than to sail by yourself in any toy. if speed is the object we can all jump in motorboats." Read on and jump in.