more diving

more diving

Earlier this week we shared a great dumpster diving project. Here’s another. Got a boat that you saved? Let us know!

13 months ago, I’d never sailed a boat (but I’ve wanted to learn for years). I found this 41 year old Coronado 25, close to sinking at it’s mooring. The cockpit was FULL and the bilge was full. Birdshit was clogging the scuppers. Basically, I paid for a nearly-new outboard with a sailboat attached. Blown-out sails, tired running rigging, a tiller made of driftwood. But the deck and hull are rock-solid.

Cleaned her up, I picked up a new main, and with the help of fellow Anarchists, rigged it for an asymmetrical chute. I raced in my local Frostbite series this year. She’s a little brick shithouse!

Rich (Ajax)