louis louis

louis louis

It was with a heavy heart that some teams wished goodbye to the IACC yacht despite her ‘sell by’ date having passed sometime near the turn of the century.  And while successful teams like ETNZ saw their entire existence framed by the lifetime of the IACC, teams like Oracle – who despite having spent hundreds of millions of dollars never won a thing in the heavy beasts – are probably overjoyed to see them go.  Still, the cycle has had some exciting races and nearly a quarter-century of history, and the LVT media team – once again with our applause – put together this good little ‘Goodbye’ to the Class. 

It’s also worth noting that, contrary to the predictions of quite a lot of anti-multihull AC fans in our own forums, Louis Vuitton announced last week that they’d be back to once again sponsor the Cup Challenger Series – The Louis Vuitton Cup.  Good for them joining the 21st century, hopefully they can keep the stink of the titled elite off the majority of the modern, more populist AC.  There’s nothing wrong with rich folk, but an event that spends most of its energy catering to them misses the point of the exercise.

Lester leaps

In a nice nod to the world of modern media and the public’s interest in getting a bit more involved than the ‘traditional’ media model allows, longtime Cup commentator Peter Lester ‘gets high’ with Jimmy Spithill in this 7-minute video about sky diving in Dubai from BMW/Oracle’s media guys.  As Spittie points out: “With the weather and the skyscrapers, it should be spectacular” and it is.  Though from reports coming in from sailors at the LVT, it was one of very few things worth doing in that dusty town.