dumpster diver

dumpster diver

We love to get pics and stories of boats that were saved from the grave, especially when they have a sense of humor!  This one is a boat familiar to thousands of you and one that sold more than 10,000 copies; the 2-man O’Day ‘Day Sailor’ that so many North Americans learned to sail on.  It’s also a class that still pulls 20 to 40 boats in for every North American Champs – but not in this configuration!  SA’er ‘Yarrow’ writes:

“A little project with the help of Providence’s Community Boating Center, saved a boat from the dumpster and even won the coveted “Pine Needle Award”. It’s a Day Sailor with an I-14 main and a Laser boom as a bowsprit, flying a ‘flying jib’ and regular class headsail. Take a look at this beauty!  We thought we were going to break the rig and sink half way to the top mark, but it sailed great!  Very neutral tiller though the topmast bending 2 feet to the side during puffs took some getting used to.  The tiller was only tied on, the foredeck cracked in half, but the only water we took on was about 20 gallons over the rail during max puff. 

PS – already working on version 2, 2nd rig off the back and a kite or code 0 with a furler and HOT PINK paint job. Jump in the thread for more pics.

Got your own ‘dumpster diver’?  Send in a description and pics and win some of our own dumpster dives – vintage hats and t-shirts from hundreds of events and companies if we use your boat on the front page.