mission: impossible?

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mission: impossible?

After getting their hats handed to them at the last AC, and given their relative wealth of multihull experience, their relatively huge financial wealth, and their supposed love for the sport, one would think that they’d be chomping at the bit for another go at The Cup. But no, not these whiners. Showing themselves to be exactly what we thought they were, they have bailed out on the next AC. Why, you ask? Here’s what PR hack Alinghi spokesman Paco Latorre had to say:

"After a careful evaluation of the protocol and other initiatives taken by the American Defender and its Challenger of Record, Alinghi considers that the existing conditions make it impossible for the team to participate in the 34th America’s Cup," Latorre said in a statement.

Impossible? Really? Shouldn’t the word impossible be saved for situations that are actually impossible? Like climbing Mt. Everest naked, or free diving to 5,000 feet? See, those feats are actually impossible. but entering a god damn sailboat race with a virtually unlimited budget does not fit anybody’s definition of impossible. That is, of course unless you are from Planet Alinghi, where apparently the lack of oxygen has rendered them to a vegetative state.

What they really meant to say was this; "Since taking a severe beating in the AC, and also taking a severe beating in our attempts to manipulate every aspect of The Cup that we could, we realize that since we can’t write the rules to our advantage, we have now deemed the task to compete in the next AC as impossible, we are quitting, just like the gutless bitches you thought we were."

Pathetic. Here’s the story.