chicks dig it

chicks dig it

Photographer Nicole Scott has recently become one of our friends, and we thought we’d share this piece on her with you. Sure it’s fluffy, but…

Sailing is one of the great sports, it is has grown to encompass all walks of life and is one of the rare recreational pursuits that is not age or gender specific. In particular so many women are now so intricately involved, not only in the sailing but in associated marine trades. A group that you will be seeing a lot of are Nicole Scott, Kitty Logan and the team at Sailing Images.net. These girls spend most weekends plying their trade of marine photography on Sydney Harbour and at all the major sailing events. They will go to any length to get the ideal angle, hanging out of boats and constantly striving for the magic shot for your office or mantelpiece.

This company in its short life has already made a significant impact with its photographs featured on international websites and magazines. It is expanding quickly and notably with acquisitions of the highest order. Two more Sydney based female photographers, Beth Morley and Michele Rogers have joined the team along with Greg Maunder in Victoria, Aaron Goldwater in Canada/US, Lisa McMenamin Personal Assistant and Daryl Hill, the chase boat driver. All this is the space of three months!

The birth and success of this company is a testament to the drive and dedication of Nicole Scott. She has had to overcome personal loss of the highest order. Three and a half years ago she lost her partner to a rare form of aggressive Leukaemia. Her life was turned upside down overnight and the ensuing stress and emotional turmoil took its toll. However out of this difficult time came a new zest to live life to the fullest. She embraced her favourite pastimes, photography and nature, her 10th birthday was a milestone in her life with the gift of her first camera and she was clicking the shutters from that day.

She had fallen in love with sailing when she sailed Hobie cats at Kurnell in her youth and it was natural to gravitate toward the water with her camera in hand. Following the heartbreaking loss of her partner she embraced the two worlds she loved, she would often be seen at regattas all over Australia snapping boats and yachties. Her cheery disposition and friendly wave become a common sight on the water and dockside. Her work typified her personality; she not only photographed the yachts but showed the character and personnel behind the sport. She could capture the many moods that prevail on the water i.e. the intense or the whimsical, the extreme or the sublime. Many of her pictures had a mood, I was personally lucky enough to be captured in a few of Nic’s shots. One of my favourites is of me standing in the back of the boat with my hands on my hips and gazing skyward; it sums up the exasperation of the tactician perfectly and is so typical of Nicole’s work in reflecting the atmosphere.

The next stage in Nicole’s life was a sojourn in Toronto, here her photography continued on a nautical theme but also embraced wildlife. In particular the wolves of Canada became a passion after an up close and personal moment in Yoho National park. Her new relish for life shows itself in the risks she will take for the signature shot, whether close to a wolf or hanging by her toenails from a boat.

After six months in the Canadian winter where the temperature of -27 degrees began to take its toll, she moved to Sydney and set her sights on bringing Sailing Images .Net to fruition. Teaming up with Kitty Logan the company was launched in August 2010.  The girls decided to target the club races, smaller regattas and focus on capturing the everyday sailor seizing images that tells a story not just about the boat but about the skippers and crews.

Kitty was an inspired choice as partner; originally from Brisbane she has a professional background in medical imaging. But a fascination with photography and a special interest in ocean life and sailing were ideal. Kitty has been sailing & yacht racing up the Queensland coast for several years. Bubbly and always possessing a positive attitude, Kitty has a personal motto; “When a photography opportunity arises, whether it is cruising, club racing or a major regatta, have camera, will travel". She also has a feel for the quirkiness of the sailing world. A very technical photojournalistic approach combined with a natural feel for the moment showcases a modern yet timeless quality in her work.

Sailing Images.net has an ever growing presence on facebook and twitter where many examples of their work abound. They are very approachable and it’s the personal interaction that makes Sailing Images.Net so popular. Nicole recently announced that Sailing Images.Net will publish a “High End Coffee Table Book” next year after the summer season, and plans are on the board for range of sailing calendars of individual crew members. What a great gift idea from a grateful crew!

For Nicole and Kitty, their passion and dedication is apparent as these young women capture sailing images from yachts to crew, and even the occasional mishap. You can find them every weekend on the water, even in the most inclement of weather. If you’re on the water, give them a wave to acknowledge their input to our sport. Keep posted on their various media outlets as it is likely at some point you are bound to be captured by one of the team at Sailing Images.Net. Or even better simply drop them a line to give them the details of what, when and where you sail and they will keep an eye out for you.