shoots and ladders

shoots and ladders

Order Restored – St. Mary’s, BC and Brown all with chance title

Once again, the sailors at the The ICSA Match Race Nationals got an early start in great breeze with the first start signal at 9:50am. Three flights of the repechage needed to be completed to determine the seeding for the quarterfinals. There were a lot of surprises throughout the repechage and the quarterfinals!

Quarterfinal Bracket:

1. St. Mary’s vs. 8. Wisconsin
2. Tulane vs. 7. Washington
3. Kings Point vs. 6. Boston College
4. Charleston vs. 5. Brown

Consolation Bracket:

9. Cal Maritime vs. 10. Minnesota
Cal Maritime defeated Minnesota in 3 Matches

The quarterfinals were sailed in a first to two points format with 3 of the 5 matches being completed in two matches. Charleston and Brown went to the third and final race to determine who would advance to the semi-finals with St. Mary’s, Tulane, and Boston College. In the last quarterfinal race Charleston was called for a foul during the pre-start and trailed Brown around the course until they took the lead on the final run. While trying to draw an offsetting penalty, Charleston committed a second foul that allowed Brown to sail into the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Final Bracket:

St. Mary’s vs. 4. Brown
Tulane vs. 3. Boston College
Consolation Knockout Bracket:
Charleston defeated 8. Wisconsin
Kings Point defeated 7. Washington
5. Charleston defeated 6. Kings Point
7. Washington defeated 8. Wisconsin

In the semifinals, Boston came from behind in the second race to take two in a row from Tulane and being the first team to qualify for the Finals. Brown handed St. Mary’s their first loss of the regatta in race one, but St. Mary’s rebounded in the second race to tie their series. Tomorrow morning will complete their round and determine which of those teams will sail for the championship.

Finals will be sailed in a first to three points knockout series. With the forecast calling for lighter breeze, it should be a great test of the competitors! Visit collegematchrace.com for more info. Photo by GTS Photos and check out their site for more. Title inspiration thanks to Korn.

Blaine Pedlow
Director of Intercollegiate Sailing
US Merchant Marine Academy