one of the good guys

one of the good guys

Our good friend Magnus gets it right yet again, this time with praise for ISAF (yes, ISAF!) on their choice for the Sailor of the Year.  To listen to the man himself after the Heaven Can Wait regatta last month, check out the video below Mag’s text.

Has ISAF started listening to its electorate? Has someone switched them on? Or is the Press Release a mere wind-up on Rule69blog…???
Overnight came the utterly incredulous news that for once ISAF have named the correct person to be the Rolex Yachtsman of the Year by announcing that Tom Slingsby is the 2010 winner (Tom it’s a Rolex, not a Timex and it’s utterly useless on a Laser but might pull the Aussie chicks back home). Perhaps the dipstick Royal read out the wrong name…it defies all known logic.

I simply can’t believe it and would have bet a fair penny on the ISAF military junta naming a member of European Royalty or some distant cousin of the ambassador to Ecuador as more likely candidates to receive this "honour" than our Tommy.

But I’m delighted for Tom as he’s had an outstanding season and is just a brilliant, brilliant ambassador for the sport. It’s funny, when you hear that old codger Coutts talking about connecting with the "Facebook Generation" with his stuttering grasp of language and diction, it’s just so obvious that he is not the man for the job but when you listen to Tom Slingsby speak, you really get a sense that this is the "new cool". No kid wants to be Coutts, even Ainslie is a bit passe…but would they like to be Slingsby? You betcha…

Who’s going to be the first AC syndicate to get its head out of its arse and recognise that Slingsby is the man for AC34? Who is going to back real talent and youth? Who is going to step away from the same old, same old (Coutts, Cayard, Hutchinson blah blah blah)…Who is going to hire Tom Slingsby?