head for the border

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head for the border

Once again The Border Run, slated for April 9 and 10, 2011 has added more elements that make the event one you just gotta make. The race, born out of ‘non-inclusion’, preaches ‘more inclusion’ and does everything they can to grow the sport, get sailors on the water, party and compete hard.

This time, in addition to the 91 mile long course (Newport to Coronado del Norte island to San Diego) and 70 mile short course (Newport to San Diego and won overall by the Flying Tiger Anarchy) they’re challenging dinghy sailors to get in the action with a third course called the "Sprint Course" that runs from Newport to Dana Point. It’s a 14-mile run open to dinghies, sailboards, kiteboards, kayaks and even paddleboards.

"We want to see the start-line packed with boats, big and small," said John Marshall of South Shore Yacht Club, the organizing authority for the event. "Every year we’re trying figure out ways to get more sailors out there to have a blast with us. I think people are going to love the Sprint course idea."

In addition to the announcement of the new Sprint course, Border Run organizers have also gone full tilt on making the event a money maker for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. To that end they have set up a bunch of ways to earn free entries and tons of boating gear.

"We’re confident that if people get into it, this year’s Border Run will be really special. The sailors can get their entry fee covered and gear for their boat and, at the same time, LLS can make money to help cancer patients," said Randy Reynolds, co-founder of the event.. "It’s a win – win situation. The charity aspect is totally voluntary, but we’re hoping that, based on the unique way it’s all set up, sailors will want to get involved."

Reynolds says the key is that people enter immediately so they’re able to take advantage of the fund raising option. There are simple methods mapped out on the site to raise money and he assures people that it’s super easy to raise enough to earn a free entry providing they allow themselves enough time.

"I hope sailors check it out," Reynolds said. "We’re hoping this race helps people that are hurting while we’re fortunate enough to be sailing the So Cal waters. Everyone involved with the race is committed to make the Border Run the most important sailing event any sailor could ever sail.“

Check out their new 2011 website to see the full Border Run/LLS lowdown.