sue ’em!

sue ’em!

Trust us, we know bullshit lawsuits when we see them, and we have no idea if this is one or not, but it is sure looks like it. From our friends at Bloomberg:

LaserPerformance LLC, holder of the IP rights connected to the Laser and Sunfish sailboats, sued a Warren-based ship broker for trademark infringement, Bloomberg reported Wednesday.

Gecko Marine LLC, which does business as Zim Sailing, is accused of infringing LaserPerformance’s trademarks through the unauthorized use of the marks, trade names and product depictions on its website. Although the offending items have been removed, LaserPerformance said that Gecko made sales as the result of its alleged infringement.

LaserPerformance also accused a former employee of taking some of its IP to Gecko, and of making “disparaging and derogatory comments” about his ex-employer. Portsmouth-based LaserPerformance claims the public has been confused by Zim’s actions and that it’s suffered “irreparable harm.” It asked the court for awards of money damages, litigation costs and attorney fees and for orders barring further infringement of its intellectual property. LaserPerformance is represented by Mark W. Freel and Raymond M. Ripple of Boston’s Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP.

Anybody got the inside dope?