good chance


good chance

Another feature in our focus on community sailing efforts…

Sailing is much more than the ability to trim a sail and steady a tiller;
it’s a sport that teaches life skills. Sailing gives a child many skills
including confidence, leadership, patience and most importantly,
perseverance. There are many obstacles for youth to overcome. Team Chance
is confident that instilling in children these life skills will aid them in
following their passions, now and for years to come.

As students and sailors, we will serve as positive role models to the
children we teach. We will lead by example, showing teamwork, integrity,
persistence, and most importantly, sharing the fun of sailing. Whether the
children we take out on the water continue to sail or not, we hope to be a
source of inspiration and a positive influence in their lives. A team
comprised of sailing instructors and accomplished collegiate sailors alike;
our goal is to make the sport of sailing more accessible and appealing to
children. We will accomplish this by sharing a free sailing experience and
providing financial support to community sailing centers.

This fall Team Chance has made great progress towards having our program
together for summer 2011.

Our goal is to continue work acquiring adequate
fundraising and sponsorship to campaign a boat under the mission of Team
CHANCE. We are beginning to plan out routes, including the sailing centers
we wish to stop at, and the regattas we wish to participate in.

In that time frame, we will be stopping at many different community sailing
centers to work with students there. It is our intentions that the students
we work with to get the following experiences:

-A hands on opportunity, learning the different positions and techniques
that entail sailing a keelboat.
-Learn the importance of teamwork aboard a larger boat to make sure
everything runs smoothly.
-Realize the kinds of sailing opportunities that they can experience if
they stick with the sport and set personal sailing goals.
-Understand the importance of safety on the water.
-See Team Chance as people they can look up to, ask questions, and be
positive role models in the sport of sailing. -End the day with enough interest and resources to continue the sport and
be driven to do more.

Please take an opportunity to take a look at our website. – Taylor Walker