"Aren’t you going to the RC 44 press conference in San Diego?" the e-mailer asked. Oh sure, you bet we’re going and what, take notes about how the latest traveling circus is coming to town to wow us all with their their high wire acts of daring-do?

Right, because that’s what we’ve always been about here at SA – gladly swallowing whatever boat, pro circuit and associated dog and pony show is part of it all. Maybe we should have gone to the presser so we could feel the magic of an arrogant Paul Cayard or reticent Russell Coutts sit there and say nothing. But gosh, we’ll bet they look pretty snazzy in their neat team shirts and stuff. Or we could have twated you one-liners and tell you that this, this we tell you, is going to be the greatest thing to ever come to San Diego!

Really, we can’t wait to see a bunch of rich guys pay a bunch of other rich guys to sail their boats – boats which surely must be one of the most pointless, uncomfortable things imaginable in the 8 knots and waveless conditions of San Diego Bay. Sounds great. We can only hope to watch them hang over and try to pull kelp off those keels and rudders – now that will be good.

So while the rubes in this town run around as if jesus himself was about to bless us with his appearance, we say BFD. Hey, do you think we can still get a t-shirt?