knocked out

knocked out

Some rather unfortunate action from the China Cup courtesy of Jesus Renedo. Here’s the shot that led to the above pic. Here’s the story from shangaisailor:

Team TT were on starboard about 200m from the start line with about 3m 30s to the start when Team Moscow, on Port, hit them with a very heavy impact. Team TT couldn’t go up to avoid the collision as this would have likely caused a collision with and possible sinking of a media boat – could it have been the one carrying the photographer? but I am only speculating

The media boat in question, whichever one it was, perhaps didn’t cause the collision but it certainly reduced the options of Team TT’s helmsman who incidentally – before anyone says – was not a “Chinese beginner” but an experienced foreign professional sailor.

Three members of Team TT required hospital treatment, the helmsman had rib damage, the crew coordinator, a young Chinese lady and good sailor in her own right, only just managed to avoid going headlong down into the cabin and sustained serious bruising and the bowman required, as obvious from the photo, stitching and will require further dental work to repair his damaged teeth.

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