how not to do it, part 2

how not to do it, part 2

Our how not to do it video from yesterday has inspired some reader reaction...

When I saw the video of the 5-oh going under the bow of the RC trawler it was deja vu all over again. The same thing happened in August at the West Bay Regatta in Wickford, RI. Sol Marini snagged the anchor rode at a little over 1 minute to go in the sequence for the last race. They snagged it good and finally decided to dump the boat to try to get off, they capsized it pretty clean, cleared the rudder, drifted down past the stern at about 30 seconds, got in, kind of got organized and started only a few seconds late, they ended up 3rd for the race and the regatta.

The wind was blowin about 20 but we didn’t have as much current. The above photo is them capsized with the rudder fetched up on the anchor rode, photo 2 is them putting it back together just off the stern, they had the smarts not to right it while they were still abeam of the RC boat. Photo 3 is their start, not bad for what looked like a real FUBAR. We were short handed on the RC and I knew there was no video. W anted to take more photos but needed to get the race off!

Doug Nannig