bloody gutek

bloody gutek

Polish Velux racer and former Olympic competitor and RTW multihuller ‘Gutek’ shows us what happens when you stick your head into the wind generator blade while walking to the back of your boat to clear weeds off the rudder. Good on him for telling the truth, but we’re pretty sure we’d make something up that didn’t make us sound like such a dumbass!

Gutek hangs on to second place as Brad Van Liew screams along with nearly an 80-mile lead on the fleet as they head down the coast of Africa. He’s clearly showing that his age and the fact he’s got two young kids at home haven’t changed his style, aptly described by the slogan on the back of Le Pingouin "Full Noise Or No Noise."  And he’s suffered the consequences of pressing hard; not one, but two knockdowns in a serious low pressure system over the past week, but if he’s broken anything, he’s not saying.  Track ’em here.

The guys are also getting the video thing rolling, and already they’re light years ahead of any other race on the media front.  Have a look at Brad’s video report just after his second knockdown and his post about the first, while here’s Gutek’s mast climb from the other day, and Chris Stanmore Major’s video report from yesterday.  It’s pretty cool stuff, and the drama builds when you realize that these guys are not only fighting to win a historic race, but for the 500,000 pounds of prize money to be doled out for leg victories, scoring gates, media communications, and other goals during the Velux.

We can’t wait to see what these guys send back from the Southern Ocean…