living rightly


living rightly

It is not living that matters, but living rightly. -Socrates.

Jeanne Socrates may be a bit long in the tooth for the usual bikini-clad sailor chick offering, but she’s certainly as badass as any guy out there, and even kinda hot for the geriatric crowd (and we know plenty of you are reading this now).

You might remember Jeanne’s story of sailing the Singlehanded Transpac aboard her Naiad Nereida back in ’06 – the culmination of the training she began when cruising partner and husband George died back in ’03 – and after losing her boat in ’06 just 60 miles short of a 15-month circumnavigation, this 68-year-old sailor chick had some unfinished business. And she upped the ante this time with a better boat (with the same name) and a more ambitious route.

And Jeanne leaves today for a planned solo, non-stop circumnavigation from Vancouver, British Columbia via the great capes.  She’s got great communications skills and a live tracker, and in contrast to the rash of kiddie RTW attempts lately, she’s got a solid boat, a ton of experience, and a seriously sound mind to compensate for a 68-year old body.  We wish her all the luck in the world, and if anyone of any age is looking for a sailing role model, look no further.

Check out the thread here, and thanks to Ronnie Simpson for the heads up.