the first domino

the first domino

It seems that hell has indeed begun to look a bit frosty, as longtime and very public Anarchist Maureen McKinnon-Tucker has just been elected to the Board of Directors of US Sailing along with Ed Adams (who drove the very first On-The-Water Anarchy coverage boat way back in Miami in 2006).

Maureen got more votes than anyone, a tribute to you Anarchists stepping up to the voting plate.  The big question now is whether she can steer clear of the bullshit and politics to represent the needs of the grass roots who make up the majority of active racers in the US.  And of course we’re curious just how much Mo lowered the average age on the Board…

A little from the lady in question:

Thank you all VERY much for your kind words and for your public support of me.  I guess there are more than a few SA members that still hold their membership cards!

Maureen McKinnon-Tucker