lighter, stiffer, longer…

big pimpin’

lighter, stiffer, longer…

Columbia Yacht Corp., based in Southern California, is introducing a new, all carbon “C-32”.  Compared to Columbia’s original 30’ sailboat, the new carbon fiber, vacuum infused construction delivers a significantly stiffer and lighter structure – only 3500 lb – that translates to higher boat speed.  The C- 32’s prototype has reported speeds of 26 knots!

The newly designed deck, greater righting moment and improved sail handling controls make the C-32 potentially a good boat everything and perhaps ideally suited for short-handed sailing – only 4-5 sailors are needed in point to point racing.

The C-32 features:

  • New deck design for off-shore racing
  • Fixed carbon bow sprit for increased durability and simplicity
  • Optimized rudder design
  • Higher ballast to displacement ratio giving 27% more righting moment
  • Lifting keel for trailering
  • Refined and simplified interior to reduce weight
  • Optimized sailplan to take advantage of the boat’s more powerful arrangement

The first three C-32’s are available for $99,000 each.  For that price a motivated sailor could purchase the new, all-carbon C-32, equip it for off-shore racing, campaign the 2011 Transpac and ship it home to California for around $150,000!!!  Wow!!! Contact Columbia Yachts for more details.