syd and nancy

syd and nancy

We have a done a little shorthanded racing in the past and liked it, especially the doublehanded stuff. It made us then think about the Jack and Jill races, with a guy and a girl doublehanding, and wondering if anyone does those much anymore

So that got us thinking even more (we know, us thinking is scary) that we need a good Jack and Jill race in Sandy Eggo, but nobody does it, so we think we will. But before we go through the exercise, we want to know if anyone in town would do it. We are thinking either a fairly easy Bay course or perhaps around the North Coronado Island? Or?

We’ll call it the Syd and Nancy race, or perhaps the Doublehanded World Championship of the World Race, pull in some sponsors to provide good prizes, host the post-race party at an appropriate (or perhaps inappropriate) watering hole, have a blast and maybe kick start shorthanded racing in San Diego again.

We’ll do it for sure, but only if we get enough interest. Drop The Ed an e-mail if you’d like to play. This is how you can affect change, even in a little way…