‘sup blood?

‘sup blood?

How many times have you wondered what it would be like to sail an entire race aboard a top Transpac 52 at some huge event in a gorgeous venue?  Wonder no more.

Keith Brash from Quantum TV continues to impress, even when he’s not the one behind the camera.  He edited this one with footage that Phil "Bloodsie" Jameson shot from a complete race in which Q just happened to walk away from the fleet en route to their close win of their second-ever TP 52 world title.  Brash compressed 50-odd minutes into just 9, but I think you’ll it takes longer if you keep your finger near the ‘pause button’ – there are plenty of interesting things to see if you happen to think these boats are kinda pimp – especially in HD.

We’re super lucky that Quantum ‘gets it’ and that guys like Keith (and a ton of others) are the kind of Anarchists that work their asses off to create new ways to watch sailing and then share it with the community immediately. That’s just one reason we’re big fans of what they do. It doesn’t hurt that their sails absolutely rock.

You got some cool video with a new perspective?  Send it in!  There’s low res for you dial-up dinosaurs too..