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sail on

Peter Huston, one of the more thoughtful and thought provoking sailors and commentators on our sport just lost his father, Harold Huston. Those of us who have lost our fathers know the pain of that reality. Peter shared some intimate perspective, and we present it for you. Most of us wouldn’t be involved in our amazing sport without our Dads…

“When I was 17 my father was an idiot. By the time I was 25, I couldn’t believe how smart he had gotten.” Mark Twain.

My father died today, Friday October 8, 2010. The cause of death was a complicated bunch of medicalese related to heart, lungs and kidneys, but the real cause of death was a life lived to the fullest in every respect, and the parts were just plain worn out. While he had been slowing down the past 9 months, everyone should take comfort in knowing he went out exactly as he wanted, with his boots on, going pretty much full tilt, even yesterday demanding that I talk business with him as usual before the sun was up. He passed peacefully in his sleep.

He leaves his wife Joy, and two children, me and Kathy, who is married to Mark Closson, and his grandchildren, my three children, Adam, John and Louisa.

Alot of you knew him in a specific context, and because his friendships spanned decades and oceans, I’ll try to explain the breadth and depth of his life through this blog. Read on.