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starter chicks

We’re rollin’ wit’ da babes today…

Putting together a women’s J/22 team for next year, with hopes of going to the Rolex in Rochester 2011. We’ve got a boat, with an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement.
Curious as to what weight other women teams sail at. We’ve got 3 set crew members, tossing around names/ideas for a 4th. We’re curious as to what other women teams -or any competitive teams for that matter- sail around. It’s possible we’ll be 100lbs under class weight. (Leave it to women to not want to put on weight…)

Any other tips or advice are welcome and appreciated. We’ve all be sailing for a few years, but new to this experience.

Girls (and guys) who can help, jump on in the thread in our world famous SA forums, this one brought to you by the Sailing Pro Shop.