santa clause


santa clause

Nobody was more surprised than us to see that Santa Cruz Yachts is back at it, this time with new people at the helm. Tate Russack is one of the principals and gave us a little insight into the new venture.

SA: How did you get involved with SCY?

TR: I am a long time admirer of the 52 and became very interested in the 37 when it came out, became the Annapolis dealer and now an owner, a very excited one.

SA: What is your sailing background?

TR: I grew up on LI sound cruising with my parents. I never raced until I met my wife here in Annapolis where I started racing in 94 and never looked back. I have owned everything from a Melges 30 to several J boats and now Hull number 1 of the Carbon SC 37.

SA: Is Tom Slade, the man who resurrected the brand still involved?

TR:Tom is still involved in an advisory position. In any new venture I find it less than wise to ignore the knowledge base that has supported the company in the past. Tom has had an interesting run with the company, he breathed life into it when it needed it most and for that I thank him. Our philosophy for the brand is to move back to a more cruiser racer centrist boat design with annual new product introduction both larger and smaller, following the path that Tom laid the ground work for.

SA: Can we call this the resurrection of the resurrection?

TR:There was never a fall…. we just went Surfing!

SA: Where will the boats be built?

TR: We have an established relationship with Tartan Marine and intend to continue with them for the foreseeable future.

SA: We see you guys have an e-glass version of the SC 37. Is it too little, too late?

TR: The time for the SC 37 is now. With the introduction of other " " extremely similar boats the market can finally appreciate the value and design of the SC37. It was a terrific boat 2 years ago but sales or new boats virtually stopped with the economic crisis. Now with the introduction of the 37e and the cost savings that we have used to get the price to just $219,000.00 we believe the Santa Cruz Brand and the SC37e can shine in the market place.

SA: From a selling perspective? How will you approach the market?

TR:We are taking the brand Market Direct. We are cutting all the fluff from the price so that we can provide great boats to the market for a price that considers the turbulent financial times we are going through as a country.

SA: How are you capitalized?

TR: The good news is that SCY is fully funded through AWC Marine Group.

SA: We think Tim Kernan is one of the hottest designers out there. What is your relationship with Tim? Will you continue with him on future products?

TR: I have come to know Tim and appreciate his skills as a yacht designer.  Tim has drawn several terrific yachts for Santa Cruz as well as several other yachts that certainly could be included in the future of Santa Cruz.  Like SA, Santa Cruz has had a very close relationship with Tim, which will definitely continue going forward.

SA: Maybe you’d better give Team Anarchy a 37 for a year of racing to help marketing! Best of luck and we’ll check in down the road a bit.

TR: Dock call is 800am for the Baltimore Leukemia cup later this month. Let’s go sailing!