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From our newest advertiser, Foilfeed

Foilfeed® – The end of chafed luff tapes sails fed into grooves – whether racing or cruising – will eventually experience an unavoidable chafe and fray to the luff tape that connect the sails with forestays or grooves in the masts, ultimately resulting in breakdowns and hence the sails won’t hoist.

Prevent before repair and make your life a lot easier Now, it is over with the introduction of the Foilfeed® products. This put an end to the fray and chafe problem once and for all, by capping the end of the luff tape and adding protection, strength and reliability to a fragile part of sails. The unique and patented design represent a solution to what has been a continuous weakness of sails being hoisted in grooves for almost four decades.

Introducing Foilfeed® H1 for headsails The Foilfeed® H1 is designed to meet the geometrical requirements of all major suppliers of headsail furling systems, foil extrusions and grooves, including feeders. Though the H1 is primarily made for 6 mm ropes, it has also proven usable on 5 mm and 7 mm bolt ropes too, though it depends entirely on the actual setup. Check it!