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Nexus Marine specializes in Marine Electronics with three key ranges: NX for the cruising yachtsman: NX2 for the performance cruiser and club racer, and: NXR for the racing yachtsman.
Nexus is a Swedish based company majority owned by Richard Macalister and Dean Barker, skipper of Emirates Team New Zealand. Nexus was created in 2006 as a result of a de-merger of the marine division from Silva one of the worlds oldest and most respected marine instrument developers. All the owners of Nexus share a love of sailing and have a combined knowledge of yachting from the top end race market through to the family cruising yacht, which gives them a real understanding of the needs of the yachtsman and the conditions in which their instruments must perform.

In a market where mass manufacturing has decreased specialization, Nexus remain focused on precision instrumentation for yachts. The brand is driven by performance and reliability, and has a business model that allows race yacht innovations to surface in the recreational market.

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