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power tripping

Once again, Magnus Wheatley nails it…

Readers of this blog are well aware of my dislike and distaste for ISAF, our World Governing body but the latest proposals due for decision at the November meeting are, quite frankly scurrilous, underhand, deceitful and will hand absolute and binding power to the Executive Committee disenfranchising the ISAF Council and thereby us, the sailors. 

What absolutely makes my blood boil, and also several highly placed ISAF people, is the way that this is being done. They have slipped in a major, significant and fundamental change within a 76 page document asking ISAF stooges to vote on 50 of those pages.

The “Trojan Horse” is cited under Article 68 and I urge the sailing world to sit up and take notice. 

The current constitution makes it clear that the Executive is a body that, while it has significant powers between meetings and for day to day management, it has to be responsible to and report to Council.  This is the complete opposite of what was promised by the Executive when it was first brought up less than a year ago. The italicized words below are the ones the Executive is trying to change. They are not mere housekeeping nor have they anything to do with reducing the liability of Directors or protecting us from “Rogue Directors”. 

They are about power, pure and simple.  Read on.