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luca’s gold

We love to get calls from our advertisers when they have good news, but there are few that we enjoy more than calls from Luca Devoti, who is invariably as enthused as a teenager about his D-One dinghy class.  Luca’s quietly been building and growing his Class into something special, and last week he called to tell us how the D-One season went, and he really was bubbling over about the season itself, and the upcoming Gold Cup in Valencia.  Here’s his report:

We just had our first tense championship – the Italian Champs – won by Agustin Zabalua just ahead of Sibello the Italian 49er superstar. Guys went to bed sober nearly every night, except of course for the wet t-shirt competition night – we even had some girls sailing – kind of magic…The old spirit is back when sailing was kind of a triathlon: Sailing, drinking, and…guess what? So here we are – our first season is coming to an end, and only the Gold Cup is left. In Valencia, Spain from October 1-3 they’ll battle for it. We’ll have 15 countries represented with some real champions fighting it out as well as good friends.  Take a look at the entry list or maybe a recent video – it might just surprise you!

We’ll have a magic gold trophy to compete for – a sculpture made by an amazing Spanish artist – well, financial constraints obliged us to downgrade to gold plating, but at 14 kg for the sculpture, this little change will easily be understood!

Keep posted here and on the D-One thread for news and daily reports from the event as well as more bikini pics, and for a very exciting announcement for the 2011 D-One season at the end of it all.