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the other worlds

The International Sportboat Anarchy Festival may not be the Melges 32 Worlds…and thank christ for that!  No, our little Sportboat/dinghy/multihull/whatever regatta focuses on far different things than the blue blazers of the St. Francis Yacht Club, and with two huge mixed sportboat fleets and some great dinghy action in store for this weekend, we’re just fine with that.  The competition is plenty stiff at the largest-ever mixed sportboat race in the USA, but the beer is free, the live comedy act is going to slay, the live band is going to rage, and the girls…oh, the girls!  Not just the Blind Squirrel Rum chicks (that have some very special attributes), but we’ll put our Sailor Chicks up against the M32 Sailor Chicks any day. 

What’s that you say, M32 guys?  You only have a dozen or so chicks in your fleet, and most of ’em are taken?  Well, you can take your million dolllar programs and curfews and team protectors and shove ’em, while we take our piles of hot sportboat chicks, bikini weather, late night parties, and the great sailing off Coronado Yacht Club, thanks very much!

For sportboat lovers around the world, we’re also going to provide a full spectator experience for you.  Thinking of buying a Flying Tiger, Viper, Mumm 30, J/125, Ultimate, Open, or just about any other sporty?  Watch ’em here first, competing head-to-head, live!  We’ll have the OTW Express going, with Clean taking care of the live commentating for all of Saturday and Sunday’s racing, and making sure the video doesn’t cut out every three minutes like the Melges 32 Worlds coverage.  We’ll also have Mer’s great photos, results up almost immediately thanks to lovely Sunny running the awesome Yachtscoring software and some high res video highlight action from our friends at Praxis Universal, and hopefuly, you’ll all realize that you’re towing your 16-knot shitbox out here for the 2011 edition, when we want to see over 100 boats.  There’s no reason that any sportboater within 1500 miles should miss this one, and that goes for the Melges 32 guys as well – at least when your worlds isn’t the same weekend as our worlds. Ya follow?

Keep your eyes right here for the latest news and links to the live coverage, which will start Saturday at 1200 PST, and look for pics and results from Friday’s stand-alone "Beer Can Worlds" tonight.