reaching out


reaching out

One of the things we wanted to do while planning for this year’s Sailing Anarchy ISAF Regatta was to reach outside to the non-sailing community in a fun and meaningful way. It couldn’t have been more perfect that Maggie Hannegan Director, Distinguished Giving
American Cancer Society, happened to be helping with the regatta planning. We got together and with the goal of getting kids and their families from their Camp Reach The Sky out sailing in a fun environment, with food, festivities and a good time in mind, we had our the first annual SA/CYC Charity Regatta last night

Now mind you, we didn’t raise any money or do any fundraising, but we did see a whole lot of smiles on a whole lotta faces! The race was casual and It was just a fantastic event and we honestly cannot wait to start planning for nest year!We could not have made this happen without the support of the Viper 640 guys lead by Drew Harper of Spinnaker Sailing and Tom Hirsh of Flying Tiger Boats, who along with his sons, quickly assembled two brand new Flying Tiger 7.5’s.

And of course our title sponsor, West Marine, who not only printed up t-shirts for all, provided race prizes, but also contributed 40 PFD’s for the event and then donated them to the CYC Junior Program.

Local sailors Herb Zoeher, Ken Blackington and a whole host of others contributed to a beautiful day on the water with some amazing kids. Thanks to everyone! Pics by the Ed and Eva Rummel.