race report


That’s a lot of bullets. Can’t say that I’ve ever been on boat with that record. Great crew, only one major mistake (wrapped set) and lots of going around the race course the right way. Sails went up at the right time, went around smoothly and went down at the right time. The guys onboard made it look easy and included some great talent. Kevin Miller as tactician, Malcolm Park on main, Craig Fletcher helming, the infamous Dave Oborn and Garett Greenhalgh teaming up on bow (and at the bar,) Peter Heck, Designer Tim Kernan, Rich Egerman, Greg “SnackDaddy” Williams along and owner Dale Williams. We even convinced Steve Baumhoff off the injured list to come for a sail. Needless to say, I learned a lot!

Wasabi is just a big-ass Viper. Planes up quickly, easy to drive and seems to have no top speed. The owner has spared no expense on sails and hardware., it’s the Eveready bunny of boats. Nice interior (except for the damn ringframes which my 6’3” frame keeps my head in constant contact with). It’s just a little small for owner Dale Williams, so there’s ink on the boards for a new Kernan 55’ and a for sale sign Wasabi. Should be an easier sale now !

A couple of foggy days made for some challenges. Proverbial Pea Soup. Visibility well under 500’ at times. Miller navigated around the racecourse using iNax and his iPhone (heard this happened on a lot of boats) and we only soiled our shorts once when a 200’ barge on the hip emerged out of the fog 400’ away, turning hard to swing away from the impending fleet.

Overall, it was a great weekend on the Bay. Lots of Melges 32’s to root for and I wish those guys well in the upcoming worlds. BBS was a great tune-up for the out of town teams on where to go and how to get there with as few f’ups as possible.

I’m off to the Sailing Anarchy ISAF in ‘Dago. Not nearly the pressure of the M32 worlds and twice the fun !!! – Drew Harper.