at the worlds

at the worlds

Lotta World championships going on, M32 Worlds, the Sailing Anarchy World Championships of the World, and here Genny Tuloch tells you about the Worlds she is racing in…

Our team arrived, registered and practiced today in Newport RI, and we are awaiting tomorrow’s start of the 2010 ISAF Women’s Match Racing World Championship!  Twenty teams from 14 countries are here to fight for the title of World Champion, competing on Sonars out of the NYYC Harbor Court.  Our team of me, Jenn Chamberlin, Alice Manard Leonard (more on that later), and Liz Hall, will be coached this week by Pete Levesque a local/sonar knowledge and team racing expert (and Liz’s brother-in-law).  Pete is also two-time World Champion and four time Hinman champ with the Silver Panda team (with Liz as crew!).  We had a great practice today in a blustery Northerly, but at least the air was warm and the spray wasn’t too frequent (at least not in the back of the bus).

In other news, Alice now Leonard got married to Zack Leonard this past weekend in New Orleans and has the bling to prove it! It was an awesome wedding and you can’t doubt her dedication to our team since she’s now honeymooning with us on a Sonar…(With a real honeymoon in December).

The forecast is looking like we will have great breeze every day (Liz calls it Chamber of Commerce Newport Weather).  There will be race tracking and results on the regatta website, and the racing starts at 9:30 EST each day. We’ve been placed into Group A which means we are up first tomorrow!

We’d like to thank the US Sailing Team Alphagraphics and its sponsors, the St. Francis Yacht Club, GU Energy, Kaenon, Fried Elliott and goarmadillo.com for supporting our team.

Genny, Alice, Jenn, and Liz