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G-Force Yachts in conjunction with their exclusive US Distributor Regatta Management is excited to announce the arrival of the first X-25 sportboat in the states! Come join us at the Annapolis Boat Show October 7-11 and see why this boat has everyone talking. Already nominated for Boat of The Year, the X-25 isn’t just another “20 something” sportboat.

The unique all epoxy vacuum bagged hull construction is combined with a powerful sail plan to provide extremely fast sailing in almost any wind and sea conditions. Take a few minutes and see what we are talking about through the You Tube video posted above. The X-25’s unique sail inventory combines a symmetrical spinnaker, a Code or A 0 on a fixed bowsprit and a 105% jib which will make easier and faster handling for optimal performance possible under all conditions. Reaching speeds easily into the 20-25 knots range the X-25 brings Grand Prix performance in an affordable package. For additional information or to schedule a demo sail please call:  +1 (732) 936 0525. You can learn more about the boat here.

The Design– Designed by the renowned Lutra studio in close co-operation with G-Force Yachts ,top performance and easy handling were the ultimate goal whilst creating this sportsboat. The boat can be easily trailed and launched and even short-crewed sailing is not a problem. With a symmetrical spinnaker, 105% jib, a furling code 0 on a fixed bowsprit and spectacular specifications this boat is a high performance racer  with great light wind performance (Double digit speeds in as little as 12 knots of breeze) and equally able to handle 30 / 35 knots of breeze. 

Since 2004, G-Force Yachts have been developing and producing high-class professional racing yachts, which have gone on to win in their segments time and again. The company was established by Jeroen Wats and Erwin Bouland from the Netherlands. They came up with the idea of developing and producing race yachts during their participation in the Cape to Rio Ocean Race in 2003. In late 2009  Jay Campbell and Regatta Management joined forces with G-Force Yachts as the North American distributor with sight set on a launch date in the USA of early Fall 2010.

G-Force Yachts’ Racing Line now includes the X-Treme 37, the X-Treme 25 and the X-Treme 30 with canting keel, which is still under construction. The extreme speeds, sailing ease and innovative technologies used have already ensured that G-Force Yachts can refer to itself as the leading expert in this niche market of world-class competition yachts