that’s a wrap

race report

that’s a wrap

For those who love 12-15 knot regattas, this was the week for it in San Francisco.  This year’s Big Boat Series was the lightest ever of it’ s 46 years (that anyone can accurately recount).   The long legs, set for the normally dogs-off-chains weather, became laborious for even the saltiest of the sailors here. Luca Lalli, skipper of Melges 32 winning boat  said, “I really hope we see more wind for the [Melges 32] Worlds” which start next week.

99 boats and nearly 1000 sailors camped out here in SF (aka Frisco if your name is Tempesta) and relished in the Amphitheater of Sailing in warmish weather and good competition – probably in conditions they’re used to in the rest of the world. 

Sunday is traditionally the Bay Tour – one race, starting at 11am, and going for 15 – 25 miles.  This year it was postponed for an hour, thanks to nearly zero breeze.   

But something happened on Saturday’s first race – the top three Melges guys ‘went the wrong way’ and finished in the mid to high teens.  Since the regatta doesn’t have a throw-out, they had to live with their results.   By Saturday night, Bliksem was standing 5 points behind B-lin and then on Sunday were ZFP’d and scored 8th to B-lin’s first, costing them the win.  Luca was over the moon excited about his team’s triumph, and gave kudos to Lorenzo his tactician with all the hard work.  Lorenzo attributed it to his youth: “I’ve been sailing in current since I was a boy in Messina (Italy) where they have similar currents.”  Can someone please tell me what B-lin means?  Luca was too shy to tell me what this Italian slang term means

Anarchist War Dog gave me a hard time this week about lack of J120 coverage, so I asked him about the regatta tonight – he crews on the J120 Dayenu who won the BBS this year, a big step up from 2s and 3s for them: “What else is there to tell, we won!”  So there’s your coverage War Dog. 

It’s funny, this regatta is always a Big Deal for the local sailors and a ton of sailing legends descend to race here for the great competition and conditions…but this year a lot of the press and fans were left wishing for more breeze.  I guess Anarchists aren’t the only ones who like carnage. 

I asked Norm Davant, sailing on the R/P 52 Vincitore who won their IRC A division, if it was the lightest regatta ever.   Norm said they saw 24 knots in a complete fog white out on the North Course on Thursday and that “It was one of my most stressful days of racing EVER. We almost got t-boned by a ferry that we couldn’t even see.” Overall, he said,  it’s been a light regatta and predicts a total yard sale for the 2nd race on Wednesday at the Golden Gate Bridge.  I think a lot of the M32 guys are hoping so…. – Dixie.