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the g spot

Two new GPS-based devices have recently been released, and with the Anarchists’ love for gadgetry, they should be a big hit with this crowd.

The first is from Contour, the main competitor of the GoPro (the SA favorite head/mounted video camera).  Their new Contour GPS is nothing special – a solid lipstick camera with a GPS receiver concealed inside – but the software that comes along with it seems slightly magical.  All videos are indexed with recorded GPS data, and when you export the video files into the Contour site, each video gets its own paired window that runs a tracked map and elevation indicator that runs alongside the video, showing you exactly where you are at any moment.  The software is even smart enough to let you edit the video in Final Cut and still preserve all the in and out points for smooth playback when you export it to the site, which also gives you embed codes to publish on your own site.  A new toy, and a new training tool all wrapped in one, retailing for around $350.00. More at Gizmodo.

The second ‘G-Spot’ toy is Delorme’s new Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Satellite Communicator, which recently won Gearjunkie’s ‘Best In Show’ award at the OR show.  A competent GPS with SPOT’s already well-known abilities to power a basic, low-cost satellite tracker online (subscription is 100$/year), the PN-60w adds a major new feature in the ability to post text messages to almost anyone from almost anywhere for an additional $50 for 500 messages.  Wanna update your Facebook or Twitter from the Newport-Bermuda or send updates from the Transpac to your favorite sailing website’s Editor without a wallet-crunching Iridium bill?  This hits the spot.  500 bucks or so, plus subscription.

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