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sail on

In Australia Reg Gardner was the builder of Endeavour Yachts, the first mass produced fiberglass production boats in Aus, beginning with the E24 in 1965 through a varied range, over 800 boats were built into the 80s.

Reg was a founding Commodore of Botany Bay Yacht Club, a gifted sailor/skipper and one of natures true gentleman, later in life Reg custom built aids for the disabled. Many top sailors have (indeed they still do)cut their teeth in these competitive boats, the Endeavour Association in conjunction with BBYC are holding a memorial regatta encompassing the National titles for E26s on Botany Bay 14th to 17th Jan 2011.

The legacy Regs leaves is outstanding, 40 years on and they are still great boats to sail, class racing with plenty of bar stories afterwards – what more could a sailor ask for?

Thanks Reg, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Colin Cole
Commodore Botany Bay Yacht Club