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go fly a kite

There is no doubt in our minds – kite sailing is one of the coolest things ever, and if we were young and hip, that’s what we’d do. Yet to a lot of us it looks kinda hard to figure out so we are doing a series on kiteboarding – from where to begin to how to shred. Patrick Rynne has put this series together for you, and here is the first first episode.

t started kiting sometime around 2007 since there were no waves to surf in Florida. I figured it would be fun, but I didn’t expect it to be as satisfying as sailing. I’m a dinghy guy, a one-design keep it simple kind of sailor. I like tactics, strategy and boat on boat battles. I love the sailing tribe; the camaraderie, the respect of the ocean, the lifestyle. Kiting just seemed too "buff, bronze & bitchin" for my taste.

But either way, I couldn’t ignore how much fun the guys at my local beach seemed to be having, so I took a lesson. At first it was exciting, challenging and exhausting. I’d go every now and again, but sailing still dominated my free time. As I got better, kiting became more and more convenient. A backpack, my surfboard and some wind was all I needed. No more trailers, dolly’s, toolboxes, sailbags. Uh oh.

Then I sold the 49er. Then the V-15. Then the Laser. I didn’t use them, what was the point? Kiting delivered in a big way. I could surf, I could cruise around, I could get just about everything I wanted out of a "wind powered" sport….except for one thing. Racing!

But after doing some homework I found some guys in Miami who wanted what I wanted: Quality, tactical racing while going 20 knots. And if I wasn’t in the mood? I could use the same equipment to cruise, do tricks, or play in the surf. I was and continue to be stoked!

With this in mind, I’ve been on a mission to spread the kiting stoke to sailors! Why sailors in particular? Not only do I think that sailors learn kiting the fastest, but they seem to appreciate it the most. They understand and respect the wind, the elements of the ocean, and the corinthian spirit (obviously i’m speaking in general, there are plenty of bozos too.) In other words, the more sailors that start kiting, the better off kiting will be.


So here is the first of a series of videos I am doing to introduce sailors to the sport. This is specifically for the SA crowd in collaboration with our group at www.kiteracing.com. No bullshit, no ego, just the facts. We will be documenting in full detail the journey of All-American sailor and Snipe hotshot Brian Kamilar (Boston College) as he learns to kite for the first time under my questionable tutelage. Laughs and chicks in bikinis are guaranteed (and waxed chest latinos for the ladies…maybe, but probably not). It is my hope, that by the end of the series, everybody will understand what the sport can offer, and how to get going.

Patrick Rynne