5 knot rule breaker


5 knot rule breaker

Anarchist A has some issues…
This past year, I took over the reigns of our very competitive family racing keel boat.
I had moved five years earlier to a new city and was actively racing in the Laser fleet, participating in both local and National events.
So in the spring we moved the boat 500 miles. I picked up a few Laser sailor friends as crew for Wednesday night racing.

Through the summer series we had moments of greatness and managed to mix it up with the top locals. We quickly discovered that the top boat had an interesting idea of what the rules were. Our first real incident was at a leeward mark; being the outside boat inside the three boat length zone, we hailed to the inside boat for room, as they were clear astern. The guy informed us that they “got rid of that rule years ago”. We let a few of those incidents slide through the season.

Well surprise, surprise, it happened again. This past weekend we had our year end series. The 5 knot shit box, came in on a reach to early at the start. Pushed a boat down on top of us, and we barley made the pin end of the starting line. The fouled boat hailed protest, and the 5 knot shit box didn’t do her spins. They were protested after winning the race.
But the protest was thrown out, due to the protest flag not being flown.
The 5 knot shit box ended up winning the regatta.

Paul Elvstrom, once said "In the pursuit of victory, if you have not gained the respect of your competitors, you have won nothing at all". I can now say I truly understand this statement.