on their feet


on their feet

Regarding: the other cat (9/9/2010, lower on this page)."Unfortunately, they tend to have a hard time balancing, lack pointing ability, and are tricky to tune – until now?"

Nice to see you featuring a catboat on your front page. I suspect you were referring to traditional catboats? Though I have no direct experience with traditional Cape Cod catboats, I understand they do sail as you describe. My experience is as owner of a Wyliecat 30 and I hate to see the traditional catboat myths applied to modern catboats. The only part of that statement that’s close to correct is that it does take some experience to learn how to get the most out of a modern catboat.

San Francisco Bay is the home of the Wyliecat 30’s and we race occasionally one design, but mostly under PHRF. The results speak for themselves. Modern catboats do point just as well as a sloop rig, are well balanced and track downwind like they’re on rails. Plus, they’re really fun to sail!

Keep up the good work!

Dazzler (Wyliecat 30)