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local knowledge

Local knowledge of the strong and variable currents found in San Francisco has always been the preserve of a few ‘old salts’ and some local pro-sailors. This is now set to change as Tidetech release a new tidal current model of the Bay which shows all the features and eddies of the tidal flow in incredible detail. Check the video.

The high resolution model gives data about the current every 100m, at 30 min time steps and can accurately predict the turn of the tide within five minutes. It even shows the effect of localised tidal acceleration, which can lead to big differences in current over small distances.  Imagine what this will do for your tactics!

The model has been produced for by Tidetech’s Dr Roger Flather, one of the world’s most respected and experienced ocean scientists. He was assisted by Dr Roger Proctor who has produced tidal models for the UK Olympic Team for five Olympic Games.

The model is available now for competitors in GRIB and PDF format for the Rolex Big Boat Series and Melges 32 Worlds.