eastbound and down

eastbound and down

Brad, JC, Nitro, and Tim continue to make good progress on the Open 60 "Le Pingouin" as they head to France for the start of the Velux.  We’ll keep following the Van Liew adventure as it unfolds, and those who want to check out Brad and team’s location can check it out here, and you can check out the full video from On-The-Water Anarchy’s live coverage of Van Liew’s spectator-rich departure from Charleston Harbor last week (sponsored by Gill and OnDeck).

Here’s the latest from Brad:

"All is well aboard the boat. The alternator has been rebuilt and is working, but apparently not needed because the hydrogenerators are working so well. Everyone onboard is happy and healthy. It has been a mellow sail downwind recently. Me and Tim and JC/Brendan are doing 3 hour watches 9-9 local time. We are in the Gulfstream so it has been fairly warm and reliable with some thunderstorm activity. The B&G equipment has been incredible and and the only glitch is the wind vane which was likely damaged by the aggressive birds at the dock here in SC before the start. JC climbed the mast yesterday to replace a wind vane. As of last night, there is a high pressure system area we will have to work our way through which could slow us down a bit."

In other news, Derek Hatfield continues to carry the Open 60 torch on behalf of Canada for the same race that Van Liew is heading to, and on Thursday, his Spirit of Canada team announced that they’d landed the title sponsor for the campaign – a residential building network that focuses on sustainable and green home construction – good news indeed for the Anarchist-infused team from the Great White North.  Hatfield and his crew continue to work for a departure any day now, and we’ll be following them as well.  Go the North American soloists!