we get thanks

we get thanks

While we do what we do out of our own love for our sport, and often get tons of grief for it, it’s nice to get some props from a guy who’s recognized as one of the most positive influences in high-performance sailing today.  Here’s a note we received yesterday from two-time Little AC Champion Fred Eaton, and you can check out our just-completed "Complete Video Guide to the 2010 Little America’s Cup".

Hey Guys,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for the great coverage that you did of the Little AC. The object was to bring the event to people so they could see what was happening, and to avoid having another bit of shitty regatta coverage with delayed results and no explanations or analysis of what really happened and that nobody could find anyway.

The On-The-Water Anarchy team brought the regatta alive like I never could have dreamed, with great background and on the water coverage. You got background from most everybody of interest. One of my regatta management problems was talking to my Dad each night to replay what had happened for him since he was watching everything from the hospital. He kept telling me that JC’s commentary should be more about Mag and I and blah, blah, blah!

Having a problem like your Dad being too interested, from a place he would never otherwise have a chance to see what was happening, is the kind of high class problem I would like to have every day. It was only possible through your great work.

Thanks again on behalf of the class – maybe on behalf of sailing, but certainly from me and my Dad for the great work that you did. You probably made many people happy, but you sure made me happy.