Having been out of the 5.5 metre class (and Scandinavian Gold Cup) for some years and being granted the opportunity to compete in the local qualifiers in Aus back in March, we were fortunate enough to grab the Aussie spot and looked to the Northern Hemisphere fleets to charter a new 5.5 to race on Lake Garda in the Gold Cup.

For a bit of fun we named our charter boat Terror Australis (a play on words from the original title given to Aus) – which was loaned to us by the Finnish great, Johan Gullichson (Addam4) – it never ceases to amaze me when you turn your back in the boat park what some clever wag will do –
live on Saddam ..

For those interested, Kristian Nergaard from Norway won the Gold Cup (coming off his 2nd placing at the Melges 24 Worlds) and in doing so became the most successful Gold Cup sailor in its 90 year history.

I know fast is fun, however, the latest generation of this metre rule are rather horny to sail with all of their "fiddly" bits and when sailed well there is not much between the fleet. – Anarchist Adrian.