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final cut pro

Every time I’m ready to kick the Rev. Petey’s ass for missing deadlines on video edits, he comes up with something that makes me remember just why we love his work so much.  This 11-minute highlight reel from the recent Little America’s Cup is the latest and greatest example of a growing line of Petey’s sick work editing up awesome high-octane sailing clips. He shows off what’s so exciting about our sport and makes you laugh at the same time.  You may have seen some of it earlier in the month, but let it run and you’ll see it’s almost all new footage. 

Click on "HD", let it load, bring your non sailing friends to the screen, and enjoy.  We did.  And look for the complete guide to our Little AC coverage later this week.  The hard link is here (send it to your friends) and the non-HD version is here for the bandwidth-impaired.

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